Isabella Nail Bar

I am very proud and delighted to welcome you to my dream salon, Isabella. As a mother of two hyperactive children and a career woman, I am constantly on the move juggling between soccer practices and meeting with clients.

Therefore, my weekly visits to the salon to get my pedicure and manicure done have always been very special for me – the time where I can sit back and relax and enjoy being taken care of by someone else. I love the feeling of my overworked hands and feet being massaged and pampered. What I do not love is the pungent smell of the toxic acrylic products that most nail salons use. My mind is never at ease when I think about the damaging effects hazardous products have on employees and customers.

Furthermore, most shops have tacky set up that is more reminiscent of cheap motels than salons where people go to relax. Frustrated with the substandard of most nail salons and determined to create a high-end salon that delivers the ultimate relaxation and pampering experience with a toxic-free environment, I opened Isabella. Upon entering Isabella, you will be swept away with all your senses: the aromatic scents of our toxic-free all natural products, the calming blue oceanic theme of our plush furniture and equipments, the delightful taste of our drinks at the all-service bar, and the heavenly massages that will take your mind away from the most troubling day.

I am positive that you will leave Isabella feeling more refreshed, invigorated, and confident that you have received the best natural and satisfactory treatment in town.